I am a car crash, I am a disaster.

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I was thrown into this world,thrust out from my mothers womb.No apologies were made, No explanations.Flashing lights,blank stares and first glances.Childhood is a forgotten memory,adolescence something I’ll never miss.Yet I am still a child,I retreat to my dreams when everything seems to real.I am Ophelia reborn,I am anything I want to be.
But with you, I’m a woman,I’m needed.We both have broken hearts,yours was torn.Mine just crumbled.

I was thrown into this world,
thrust out from my mothers womb.
No apologies were made,
No explanations.

Flashing lights,
blank stares and first glances.
Childhood is a forgotten memory,
adolescence something I’ll never miss.

Yet I am still a child,
I retreat to my dreams when everything seems to real.
I am Ophelia reborn,
I am anything I want to be.

But with you, I’m a woman,
I’m needed.
We both have broken hearts,
yours was torn.
Mine just crumbled.

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